Watch 3d videos in your smart phone

You don't need a 3d phone like HTC evo 3d or built in 3d app.
 All you need a "Anaglyph" 3d goggle. Don't freak out it's just that "Red and Cyan" 3d glasses.
It's cheap and you can get easily.
Watch 3d videos in your smart phone

If you know how to do, don't bother read it.

Now the tricky part.

  •  If you search 3d videos in YouTube, you only get those two Window videos which only can viewable in native 3d phones.
  • So, use the term anaglyph 3d with search (or red and Cyan). 
  • Don't forget the term HD too.
  • Now you get tons of 3d videos. choose wisely. 
  • I suggest Michael Jackson's thriller.  
  • Download in high quality (720p/1080p) and enjoy 3d in your smart phone. 
  • You can watch it on TV too.
  • .. You're welcome. (You suppose to thank me).

    (There is a friend asked  me,  "is there 3d porn around the Web "..
" you pervert, moron, scumbag.." I replied. )

 you can try 3d photo apps like make it 3d too.

I got the 3d glasses for free. In my part of the world, a weekly magazine ("ananda vikatan") giving 3d glasses for free.