YouTube Made of Conspiracy

You can find many things on YouTube that your mainstream media(TV) not shown.
We can find thousands of interesting videos that could tell something new about everything we knew.
YouTube made of Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy Everywhere ..
  • Aliens and UFO, area 51, Crop circles:
    This is the most curious thing we want to know. You can find many UFO flying videos. More than 80% are fake. But few seems real.. but it is up to you. 
  • Ghost:
    Everyone at least once in his/her childhood heard of the ghost stories. It's a ever green concept. That's why Hollywood still making dollars from Ghost movies. In YouTube, you can find real life experiences, expert talks and Ghost appearing videos too.
  • Moon landing controversy : Did Neil Armstrong really landed on the Moon?. Yep.. Conspiracy theories floating around like it's part of the cold war, President Nixon deliberately did to hide the Vietnam War.. and on. Really?

  • Mermaids and Fairies :Why not? Hey I've seen the mermaid.. kind of hoax videos and some closer to real. But then at least mermaids and Fairies alive in YouTube.

  • Illuminati, Freemason, NWO :90% of the explanations we get from these conspiracy videos are not completely false. Channels like Ancient Knowledge have more than 50000 subscribers.
  •  Who built Pyramids,Megaliths, Nazca lines, Coral castle. These are some other conspiracy titles.

Apart from from the content and the myth, we can understand the hard work and the data collection of the individuals. That is hats off stuff.