10 things why we use Facebook

10 things why we use Facebook and impossible  real life things we can do in Facebook.
  • First of all, there is people. 
  • Many people you hate to see in real life are your friends in Facebook. 
  • In real life, You can't write in other's wall. Unless you are a teacher or a crazy man, you don't write on your own wall too. But in Facebook we do. 
10 things why we use Facebook and impossible real life things

  • In Facebook, your life is in your control and you can make it better or worse. You can change your social status easily to good or bad. In real life you have to work hard to change your social status or it's out of control.
  • You can get girl friends (at least fake profile girl friends ).
  • You can be a man, woman, teen, baby, zombie, vampire, werewolf or whatever avatar you want by creating fake profiles.
  • If you smart enough, you can make others believe and there are people dumb enough to believe you.
  • No body can hate you like the real world. It's just like.

Tidbit :
you can always access Facebook for free from your mobile by just using 0.facebook.com. But only text no images.


  1. Facebook is free on http://free.Facebook.com/ only in few mobile network like reliance only allow this.

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