Game of TV watching and the art of Remote control

Who has the TV remote is the person in command or cursed.
       - Arun Alwar.

TV watching is the laziest game that everyone loves to play.

People like me are that lazy, feel hard to change channels even with remote. That lazy.

Homes, hospitals, food courts, restaurants, hotel rooms... Even in smart phones, TV.

  • Like the vacation or not, we enjoy TV in hotel room. 
  • Restaurant food is good or bad, we enjoy TV.
  • We forget the hospital atmosphere with TV.
Game of TV watching and the art of Remote control

Watching TV with family or friends is the hardest thing to do because too many channels and everyone wants to see different channels.

When watching TV you can understand two things.

  • Common interest of the crowd or
  • Tolerance of the individuals. 

Most arguments begin with TV watching or ends in TV watching.
                                   - Arun Alwar.

  • Remotes are the soft target. 
  • easily targeted during domestic violence and often get broken and play toy for babies(Smart phones are cost more).
  • In many homes, there is a spare remote.