4 Facts about our Eyes that you should know

Eyes see what brain wanted to see.

4 facts about our eyes that you should know
  • Vibgyor
    Our eyes only can see seven colors. It seems ridiculous When TVs/mobile phones claim their display can show million colors.
      What if there are million colors beyond our spectrum?
    Imagine a rainbow with million colors.
    Yeah. We can only see seven colors. Seriously..
  • Upside down
    Your eyes showing everything Upside down. Your brain is processing the images and make it straight.
    All this time we are seeing everyone and everything Upside down. Our Brains doing one hell of a hectic job. Seriously.
    Without your brain, you suppose to read this article Upside down.
  • Uv and IR
    it's been said already, but again we can only see violet, Indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red colors only.
     Whatever color/wavelength beyond violet is called ultra Violet and whatever beyond the red is called infra red.
    There could be many colors beyond infra red and ultra violet.
  • Sky is not blue
    The sky is violet, Indigo and blue. The culprit is our eyes. Our eyes receive these wave lengths as a single color so, it looks like blue.

     Sky has color because we have an atmosphere in earth. without an atmosphere the sky is dark as night with a brightest star called Sun.
    Sun light scattered through the atmosphere and smaller wave length colors are more energetic so, they splash all over the sky and the sky is blue.
    But violet and Indigo are smaller than blue so, the sky should be violet and Indigo. Right?.
    It is.