How to handle rejection - practical diversions

If you need a girl friend just ask her, if she says no, Be a civilized male, don't bother her.

But rejected minds think different, they either hurt them or others in the name of revenge.

Where the rejected ones end up,
  • First and common, the Alcohol
  • Scandals, black mails, 
  • Suicide, 
  • Acid attacks, 

Without going into the negativity, we see the practical diversions of rejection .

Engage physically

  • Run or Walk : When you are down, walk as much as you can and as far as you can. It makes you your brain fully aware.
  • Running is similar to walking.
  • Hit the gym, transfer your mental pain to muscles.

 Less physical..
If you are not the physically engaging guy, try games.

  • Call of duty, GTA, NFS, freedom fighters..and whole lot of Android and iPhone games. Try games of your choice and express your aggression.

Games are definitely a platform to clean up the mental mess.

Keep yourself engaged, that would avoid all negative thoughts.

These are applicable to all who feel rejected.
And there is time, time will make you forget everything.