Men Men - What men are obsessed with

In today's India, men are the one needed to be educated.

Instead of blaming women for what they wear, society must understand that there is something wrong with the men.

This is not a coincidence,
A cab driver or a well educated magazine editor or a politician or a holy man or a school teacher, police man.. There is a culprit in every where and culprit men behave in the same inappropriate manner when it comes to women.

So, there's something wrong with the men.
Leave aside those things.
Men Men - What men are obsessed with, Male symbol in a green background

What men are obsessed with..

  • Every Male is a pervert at some extent. But being obsessed with it is not good.
  • How many offensive adult jokes out there? Could be a billion.
  • Adult comics and that famous "bhabhi comics" and stories are damn hit.
  • Scandal videos, hidden camera videos.
  • According to browsing trends, adult sites manages to stay at the top 100 sites around the Internet every day.

That tells us how badly men good at this.

By the way,
Watching too much Porn (more than 6 hours a week) may affect your self esteem.

All the sections of media are just exploiting men with these adult content in some way.

And there is Alcohol. ( I wrote at least a dozen alcohol posts so leave it there...).

To be honest, there are much less good things for men or men more focused in those things.