Blogging becomes premium - It's time to blog

I never liked to be called as a blogger, I prefer Web publisher. The term Blogger/blog/blogging, somehow sounds diminishing to me or I felt  little less. But now those little thoughts are fading away from my mind because of the following reasons.
Blogging, blog, blogger

  • I think we are living in the Facebook era, now people sticks with on creating memes and trolling Facebook pages. Everyone almost forgot the concept of blogging. Blogging became old school. 
  • New Internet users mostly access the apps, Google is their Internet. With or without "freebasics" they access fb, Whatsapp and they have no idea about blogging. 
  • There is of course a bunch of people doing some blog thing, Paid writers. They are not bloggers, they are  just news writers and please don't consider gadget reviews. 

So, blogging only for pro players and  bloggers are limited edition people now. If you love to do blogging, do it in a real way.


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