Hitler The Jew

Adolf Hitler, the greatest dictator the world ever produced.Hitler killed more than 100 thousand Jews and thousands of Africans. Hitler hates Jews in his whole life and killed them but history full of surprises, "Hitler was a Jew".

The recent research proves Adolf Hitler was a Jew and an African, His group of gene type(haplogroup E1b1b) was rare in Germany and  Europe. This research conducted with 39 of Hitler's relatives and all of them proved that Hitler's ancestors were could be Jews and Africans. This is really shocking because the man always  wanted to destroy the Jew(almost did it..), was actually a Jew.   This  could be the reason why Hitler killed himself( Some say Hitler's death  was a suicide).
Adolf Hitler believed in Aryan strategy and German nationalism but he hates many other things like Communism,,anti-capitalism. wiki for more 

What historians say :
  • There is no prostitution in Germany when  Hitler ruled  the Germany.
  • The  Pension system for retired people was introduced to the world by Hitler .

  • Hitler's governance and administration was exceptionally good,  Actually there is no corruption in Hitler's Germany.
  • Hitler believed in Vegetarianism(some says, he never quits eating meat though). Hitler was an animal lover, He do not want animal killing even in movies(Hitler was a movie lover) . 
  • Hitler was an inspiring leader, his commanding speech over 1 million soldiers was an historic one.


  1. This could be the reason why Hitler killed himself(Some say Hitler's death was a suicide).. nice narration...its not a new info to me but you done a good work

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  2. Nice interpretation sir.. Hitler the man always. i read your other(Jesus of India) post too Both are good. when you upgrade to domain..

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