Smoking and drinking are Friendship Factors?

Smoking and drinking are Friendship Factors?,Smoking,Drinking,Drinker,Smoker,Teetotaler, 

Today in our country we hardly find teetotalers (non alcoholic,non smoking person..), I am a teetotaler(this is not for matrimony..). But i often afraid to say this in meetings or any gatherings, in those friendly moments i became an untouchable among my friends because of the teetotaler image. Being a non smoker, I lost many of my friends. Being a non drinker, I lost many friends(girl friends even..) too.After that i had a beer, Guys how could you drink this sh**.
We Indians taking alcohol almost every occasion these days , whether it is Diwali,new year, birth day,marriage and of course all weekends .
 Ask these questions to yourself :
  • Do you  drink and smoke in home?
  • Do you have beer in your refrigerator?
  • Do you drink while Diwali or new year?
  • Do you avoid a friend because he is a non smoker or a non drinker?(this is for me..)
  • Did your wife or mom know you are a smoker or drinker?
Never mind, The answers for you only. You know what, I manipulated you guys. These are secondary questions, Which should be asked to a alcoholic person. If you've answered this with no guilty feeling, you can't be my friend(i am crying...). 
So, these days drinking and smoking are the friendship factors. If that is the case, I have to ask myself. Why i am a teetotaler?.


Listen smokers, US president Obama successfully completed his first year as a non smoker.



  1. man you almost right.. try to be a teetotaler in rest of your life too.. But nice one. Wow India

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  2. Hey don't lie we had a beer ... remember

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  3. Smoking and drinking are peer pressure to teenagers these days. almost everyone was in a stress in India.

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