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  Hey cool down guys its history, In 1937 INA Govt did it not now.But India should be an alcohol free nation at least for the sake of this man  "Mohan das karamchand Gandhi also known as our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji. I heard Gujarat was the only Indian state  have ban on liquor ( like other laws its also inactive ).I have a doubt, is Gandhi father of India or Father of Gujarat? For those who asking why should India ban alcohol? and did any country  banned  alcohol?.Guys here is a list of alcohol banned countries,
Nordic countries, most of the Muslim countries, 
Saudi Arabia,Qatar,United Arab Emirates,Bahrain,Iran,
Libya,Morocco,Sudan,Afghan.   Wiki for more
Countries like Thailand not selling alcohol in after noons(to avoid alcohol consumption to  school kids ).Instead of banning,  most of the countries have high taxation,age limits,Monitoring alcohol sales through Govt monopolies for reduce the alcohol consumption.But  India  never had a strong law, alcohol not even a crime(some countries have imprisonment laws ) in India.
vijay mallya,Gandhi,father of the nation There is a ban for alcohol advt in India ,But indirect advt (Royal Challengers Bangalore,Kingfisher Airlines)campaign still happening(that's why Vijay Mallya is a Dr.).Remember  Dr.Vijay Mallya brought back  Gandhi's things to India, It seems  Vijay Mallya would become Father of nation .

Must read statistics

  • 12,491 Crore (124.91 Billion).  Its not Anil ambani's stake in reliance,Yearly  income of  TASMAC (Alcohol corporation of Tamil nadu) .  Wiki
  • $2435 billion. again its not Mukesh Ambani's stake in reliance, Alcohol market in India 2008.
  •  Rs 2700* Avg salary of an Indian, an avg Indian spending 2750 for alcohol in a month.*


  1. Its started with the murder of Gandhi,still we killing him with alcohol. nice work man, lots of us start forgetting Gandhian thoughts

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    1. killing of mahatma gandhi was a great efford by great nathuram godse ji

  2. no one these days talking about prohibition, we that much get used to alcohol. many of us not thinking that drinking is a sin.

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  3. Its a big fight ! right ppl should appose... it is possible...

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  4. The disadvantages of drinking alcohol include alcohol dependence, liver damage and the risk for experiencing various accidents. Chronic intake of alcohol often destroys the liver cells and make the organ dysfunctional. It can also make you experience withdrawal symptoms once you suddenly stopped drinking after a habitual use of this substance. The most common accident encountered by people intoxicated with alcohol is vehicular accident, particularly for those who drive while drunk.

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