Alcohol History of India - Evolution of Alcohol in India

OK. let's see when alcohol came in to India and where we are today,
Alcohol History of India - Evolution of Alcohol in India

  • In 1498, when Vasco da Gama met the king Zamorin of Calicut, he worried a bit because there is no hope of marketing alcohol in India. The reason is, India is a no alcohol zone those times and alcoholism treated as a great sin. Alcohol not went into the blood vessels of Indians.
  • The Mughal rulers strictly banned alcohol as real Muslims.
  • Two hundred years later everything started changed, King Jahangir started acting soft on alcohol ban and himself the king tastes the variety of liquor. So the king, so the subjects.
  • King Jahangir opens the door for Portuguese and French alcohol in India. 
  • After centuries, Today, in independent India, governments (state) selling alcohol and some governments rely on this income.
  • In India, Liquor shops, pubs and alcohol serving clubs are grown 6% to 8% in past 20 years.
  • No wonder, Today's India is a hub for multinational liquor brands.
  • In the year 1952, average age of first alcohol is 19. Today it is 13. 
  • Indian Governments created a shameful thing "a drinker in every  home".
  • A leading medical journal Lancet says, drinking habit is decreasing year by year in western countries.
Without any exaggeration, Alcohol started occupying the Monday mornings of Indians too.