Bollywood - Alcohol over Anti Corruption

Bollywood - Alcohol over Corruption

Recently Maharashtra govt regularized the alcohol drinking age you know that..,But Bollywood and an actor(Imran) went to court against this law. OK lets see what the law..
  • According to that new regularities by the Maharashtra Govt.. If you need to buy or drink Beer you should be 21 and for alcohol you have to be 25. Everyone knows, that any law in this country is not effective and at first it is hard to accept but step by step it is possible. I believe in 5 to 10 years the next generation will obey this like we do in anti drug laws today.
  • In India, The laws take effective only after few years.. whether it is a mandatory helmet or seat belt .. it take time to settle down. I'm sure(If the Govt let the law go on..) this law will take effect in few years.
  • Bollywood Actor Imran says this makes him embarrassing and behalf of the whole youth he filed Public Interest Litigation(oops its PIL..).
  • In our country there are anti corruption movements are going Now, When Baba ramdev and others were fasting against corruption, salman khan and shah rukh khan went against the movement(support the cause at least.. ). If they questioned an individual is OK.. But everyone have the right to fight against corruption. If these Khans ready to lead a anti corruption movement?. If they can't ,then let others do.
  • Imran says that Bollywood is backing him for that alcohol thing, So these Indian idols support for alcohol and not for Anti corruption movement.Are they mocking the whole anti corruption movements?.
  • Are Bollywood representing mallya  n alcohol brands in this alcohol movement? .. 
  • There are many many  issues happening around us Mr. Bollywood .. Why don't you  come  down and fight for them?..
  • Update: Why don't the Bollywood Khans go fast against corruption?.


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