Domain names - Dot com-Dot org- How about Dot you?

Since internet is not just a Data bus but Business.. Everything going so specific here. .Com,.org,.net,.gov are the traditional Top Level Domain names at first. Then specific country domain names came and now its going even more specific. In a year around, you can create your own domain name like . you
  • IP address of is But no one like to call the number, A name is always good to call someone huh.. I like to be called me by name not my IP address (Do i have one?).
  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN), the authority of  domain names and  formations. ICANN was created the country domains in the past.
  • The new announcement of ICANN was gonna change the whole surfing experience of an end user in coming days. Because could be .Facebook and go as .Google in near future.
  • Its not just about the big names only, Any person can apply for his own TLD(Top Level Domain). So we can understand that web is going more specific and targeting every person. I will try for my own TLD .Arun , only thing gonna bother me is the price. only $ 135,000, if you have it.. then you can go for your own .you.
  • But the change doesn't hurt too much the traditional domains until the Google or Facebook add a prefix dot.
  • But the individual .you s would be act only like personal blogs i guess,Of course it depends the you who is gonna own. Corporates will get their own .you domains and brokers like go daddy will earn some extra dollars.
  • If nothing got changed, then its just suffix Dot turned to a prefix Dot.But your future address bar not only for .com,and .org s for sure.


  1. Absolutely you are correct. Now a day, facebook is very much useful and popular among people. It works great and getting more business...

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