ICANN Launch gTLD - A View

 The most expected ICANN 's gTLD release is only opens the door for corporates.Google and Amazon are looking aggressive in all applicants.

What is gTLD?
Generic Top Level Domain. The suffixes gonna replace the traditional .com and .org s.
What is ICANN ?
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. 
Before going too far read the older post(7/6/11) for better understanding about TLD and all.
  •  .com is the first TLD created in the year 1984.
  • An estimation says, Almost half of the world's population will be online in the year 2016. But still  50 percent of the websites ends with .com top-level domain (TLD).
  • Google applies for .google,.youtube, .lol and more suffixes. The search giant says, we are watching the development of this new age gTLD s and we move further.
  • Google interestingly applies for some other potential suffixes that are, .docs,.plus for more..
  • Amazon applies for .book ,.kids.store and more
  • Amazon and Google applied for 21 same suffixes like .book,.store and on. In this case, auction came in to play and millions came out.
  • Approximately 2000 applications received. To be exact, 1930 applications received from all around the world that includes 21 Indian applications.
  •  Each application will be reviewed by ICANN. The approval of the applications will take approximately 2 years because of the strict procedures. Annual fee for an application starts from $25,000. 
  • There are many controversies and cons about gTLD.
  • All major companies forced to register their brand names as gTLD suffixes to avoid others doing it. 
  • For instance, Axis info-tech  applies and got the .axis suffix. What about Axis bank?.
  • Even though, ICANN have strict review procedures. its hard to avoid these sort of issues.
  • Other important suffixes applied for are, .sex,.porn.