The oldest video of Madurai, India

The oldest video of Madurai, Taken on November 1945 This video so special because of its content..Its not about freedom struggle, war or a Political leader's speech. It shows the day to day activities of that time and those times filming is not cheaper like today. Michael Rogge , the the guy who filmed this. He is a one damn good rich tourist of that time. His other collection of videos also were superb, He covered most of the cities in Asia and other parts. Michael must be a cool guy, His videos were  also cool and showing the past.

 In this video,You can see the human rickshaw,Horse carts, People try fishing in their style at river vaigai, Meenakshi Amman Temple, Thirumalai nayakkar Mahal, Lady vegetable vendors on streets and vaigai river with water.
Without any pollution this city is cool to live.


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