Vaigai (The river)

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The story of river vaigai was an interesting one, In the time of meenakshi wedding, lord Shiva's guard(bhootham) was thirsty because of heavy food taken in the wedding. there is not much of water in Madurai to fulfill his thirsty, so lord Shiva ordered him to lay your hands in the earth (vai gai) and water flows through the lands of Madurai. That river is called vaigai, anyway this is a mythical story of vaigai.
The Tamil literature called it "vaiyai", ancient tamil epic silappathikaram called vaigai as a "ever flowing river". Vaigai connected with lots of epic stories .
The biggest festival in Asia happening in this very river vaigai("Azhagar aatril iranguthal"), you know one million people participating in the festival.
Vaigai flowing in the middle of the city Madurai, after built the vaigai dam mostly river seems dry , except the rare monsoon heavy rain seasons happens once in a twenty five years. Madurai people see as a miracle if water flows in vaigai, the ever flowing vaigai now used as drainage of Madurai and of course few Eco activists selling the sand illegally. We love to see vaigai to flow ever in Madurai, if any bhootham have thirsty?.