Ancient names of Madurai

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Madurai the historical city of all time. "Uyar mathirkoodal", AAlavai,Angan moothur, Kadamba vanam,Kannuparam, Koodarpathy,Koodal, Koodalam perumpathy, sivaraasathani, Sivan mukthi thalam,
Thiruvalavai, Dhuvathasaantha thalam, thamil(zh)kadal, Then mathurapuram, Naan maadakoodal, Boologa kayilayam, Porkoodal, Boologa sivalogam, VaZhuthikkoodal, Velliambalam, ......
don't afraid these are the names of Madurai in literature s.

Modern Madurai have some names too, The temple city, the city that never sleep. And some negative names like the garbage city, the world's biggest village.


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