In Thirukkural there are 1330 poems (Kural),14,000 words and 42,194 letters but Thiruvalluvar never used the word "Tamil" .
He was the first Tamilian who honored in postal stamp of Indian government, it was issued in 15th December 1960. Thiruvalluvar not only wrote thirukkural, he also wrote Gnana vetti, Uppu sasthram, Pancharathna thirupugazh, Navarathna chinthamani. The thing is, his thirukkural was introduced to the world in the Madurai Tamil sangam* ( citation needed ) .

* sangam ( the assembly/conference of eminent scholars and researchers conducted on a regular basis )


  1. madurai citizen May 2, 2008 at 10:52 PM

    I will be pleased ,if you write more about Thiruvalluvar's other work in Tamil literature.

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  2. Thiruvalluvar was a rich poet? or poor guy..?

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