Rani mangammal (The queen)

Rani mangammal (1689—1704) one of the few women rulers around the world. Rani Mangammal was daughter of Lingama Nayakar,who was a general of Chokkanatha nayakar(1659 to 1682) , Then she married the ruler chokkanatha nayakkar. But she not just became a queen yet, her husband wanted to marry an another woman the thanjavur princess(daughter of Vijayaraghava Nayakar )
but he failed. After he died in 1682, Rani mangammal supposed to commit sati *(suicide) but for the goodness of the governance and her son's lack of experience she wanted to live . So her son Rengakrishna Muthu Veerappa succeeded his father. He was a spirited youngster, his anti Aurangzeb actions made him bit popular in that time. But that is not only enough to rule a country, his governance was not that good like his ancestors. When he was died in 1689, his wife was pregnant. After giving birth to her son, she committed suicide*.

Now the grandson of Rani mangammal should be a ruler but he was just 3 month old child his name Vijayaranga Chokkanatha. So Rani mangammal forced to rule, but mangammal never wanted to be a queen. So she crowned her grandson as a king and behalf of him Rani mangammal ruled at last .

In her period Madurai developed in many areas. The irrigation channels repaired and maintained for public use. The travelers rest rooms(Mangammal chathiram) were built in her period, it is still standing monument in Madurai . The roads constructed and regulated, trees were planted both sides of the road . The mangammal palace was now portray the fame of the legend Gandhi and known as Gandhi museum.
Her part in meenakshi temple was comparable with thirumalai nayakar, she solved the biggest problem among the temple pundits. In that time the temple pundits divided into two groups because of ego and creating some troubles, she warn the temple pundits and put an end to the problem and save the temple's legacy. She started the "Aani unjal" festival in the meenakshi temple, her portrait was found in "unjal mandapam". it says that the rulers do their duty as a servants of god. She was also followed their ancestors , the scepter or royal wand(sengol) was handing over from the goddess in all important occasions. It means the rulers are servants to god.
Her political wisdom saved the war several occasions. the mogul emperor Aurangzeb threatened mangammal by zulfikhthar ali khan, Rani Mangammal sent tribute to the moguls and act in diplomatic way and she recovered some portions of the tanjavur which she lost earlier to Maratha. Raghunatha thevar of ramnad also troubled with his independence campaign. But Rani mangammal the cool and brave woman faced all this single handedly and she never allows nayakar dynasty of Madurai to be fall.
She was ruled 18 golden years in Madurai. in those years she did not spent much time with her grand son that affected her in the ending days. Some ill persons entered in the royal family and mislead the young and real king . The grandson of Rani mangammal was started to treat her as a royal enemy and he went to the extreme. Rani mangammal was imprisoned by her own grandson # .

Rani Mangammal died in 1706 A.D#. But her fame live forever , her bravery, goodwill, always will be in the sand of Madurai.

* Till the twentieth century women will commit suicide after her husband's death, they fell in the burning pyre
and die.(sati
#this means the particular info need citations(yet to be confirm)