Bhrathi with Madurai

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We all know bharathiyar worked in sethupathi school Madurai, but his poem first published in Madurai. The great Tamil(zh) poet Bharathiyar's song "thanimai irakkam" was published by M.R.Kandasamy kavirayar, he published in his magazine "viveka banu".

When Rabindranath Tagore got Nobel prize for his poem, Bharathi said that he was the better poet than Tagore and he deserved for that Nobel prize. Bharathi said these words in the Madurai railway junction.

The first song in Tamil cinema was sung by Madurai madurakavi baskarathas in 1931.


  1. Bharathi really a better poet than rabindranath Tagore, he deserved for more. Like Gandhi said ,Bharathi was a national treasure and we are not respecting that much.

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  2. Yes, had he lived 80 as R.Tagore (instead of 39), no doubt that he would have been rewarded Nobel prize, if some ‘tamilogy’ specialist in Europe had translated his works and brought him known to the world.
    It is pity that, about 70 years earlier, the first French ‘tamilogist’ E. ARIEL (1818-1854) passed away at 36, in Pondicherry and that no other such specialist succeded to him later. There will be no Tamil chair in France for long time.
    And, in the late 1960’s, the early demise of the CM of Tamilnadu, C.N.Annadurai, shows that Tamil and Tamils seem to be unlucky.

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