Save Paper to Save Tree

Paper roll tree - Paper roll in tree trunk with green background
Some times i like the Eco friendly ideas , my broadband provider ask me to subscribe e billing to save the trees..  i thought they try to manipulating me to not send the postal bill statement and i need my money to be worth with the paper statement(i know many does that..). One more psychological reason also there.. a corporate company spends some money and contacting  me directly.
 But in in a larger picture cutting trees for paper is the worst thing to the environment(wow Eco friendly thought ).

  •  60% of our waste is Paper.
  • 8.5 million* tonnes of paper produced  every year in India but only 20% of paper only recycled.
  • 60 Kg paper = 1 Tree.,   600 Kg paper = 10 trees. .. Yep, that's the amount of trees we can save with not using papers.(Paper man courtesy).
  • Don't write college/school assignments just type it as soft copy (if teachers/lecturers says OK..).
  • Use the Eco friendly papers ..that means papers made by sugarcane waste or other alternate ways . Simply not cutting trees.
Another piece of info
  • In India, we are cutting 2000 trees in every 10 Kilo meters of road expansion projects alone.
  • A tree equals to 10 Air condition machines (at least 1 ton.).