Goa got Pure Milk

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 Whether it is a Panjim to Calangute road travel or a wet walk between the Calangute beach and Baga beach or Out of the world like Private beach of  Bogmolo, it is amazingly Goa.  Goa, simply a bliss (not meant for alcohol..). awesome beaches, foreign tourists.  Goa, a south Indian guy like me hardly accept its India.
 But, I missed one thing in Goa and that is a cup of milk Because recent study says Milk in Goa is the unadulterated, pure Milk in India.
  •  Milk, one of the essential baby food product.
  • Yet, Milk is the most common victim of adulteration.
  • Milk would be the preferred daily item may occupy online shops in the near future.
  • Puthuchery, the Another state got the pure milk in India. Both Goa and Puthuchery known for another common  reason.. " Tax free Alcohol".
  • Another strange similarity among these states is both were non British ruled parts of India.
  • All other states of India are getting impure milk, In those states Comparatively, worst impure milk getting state is not Bihar or Orissa, its shockingly  West Bengal
Why other parts of India haven't deserved for Pure Milk?.
Can you imagine, sitting in Goa beach and Drinking milk instead of beer?.  cool.


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