How close to eat Plastic and the myth of Safe Plastic

How close we are with plastic in daily life:

  • Food containers made of plastic like Tupperware. Even though, it is food grade plastic.. It's plastic.
  • Toys for God sake. It is the closest thing to kids and babies . Don't trust the myth of safe Plastic toys. 
  • Poly carbonate cell  phones. Except for some metal body  premium smart phones.
  • Water supply: PVC pipe lines, PVC tab. Water cans, water purifiers, .. Plastic and they are what the water grade plastic?.
How close to eat Plastic and the myth of Safe Plastic

Pottery, Stain less steel,Metals like  Copper, Brass... All safe good things around replaced with Plastic.

There is a good thing and a bad thing, no neutral thing. If metals are good, plastic is bad. Even if it is food grade. There is no neutral thing like food grade or water grade.

  • Think of this,  if metals are  +25% good in nature and even by the time of corrosion also it is good. Don't drop it's nature to 0% or less. 

  • What if food grade plastic do after years of use?.  It's still be the neutral stage of 0%?.  And plastic don't die, that's the  biggest issue. As we know plastic is indestructible in organic way. 

  • We literally didn't eat the of now . I can tell you this, that day would come and we have less choice. 200 years ago, no one would have believed that people gonna drink some soda that doesn't even know what it's been made of. Yeah, coke.