Plastic Pizza - Food made of Plastic

If some company introduce a food product made of plastic. Do we eat?.
What if it's a eatable plastic like we have a food grade plastic. Even it is a safe and digestive plastic. Do we eat?.

Imagine a plastic pizza or plastic doughnut.
Answer is = yes, we will eat plastic. We don't have choices in that time or seem no choices and it is convincing.
I tell you why it is possible.
Are we eating only good things today?
No. Alcohol is harmful enough. But we drink.
There are harmful food coloring agents that really harmful.
Today we have a choice to eat organic foods but we are not.Plastic Pizza - Food made of Plastic
Most of all, we don't care what we eat.. Courtesy: 20th century.

(read the above posts for better understanding. )
Plastic as we know is a petroleum product, Crude oil family. It's not eco friendly, as we know.
Why should/could brands do.?

  • Because longevity.
  • Why toys are made of plastic...Plastic is durable.., cheap and non corrosive,  stay for long long time. So longer time in store display or in inventory is possible.
  • Home appliances,mobile phones all same.
  • In that way, food items also can last long. No need of kitchens in Pizza or whatever food shop. It's just a retail store with display of food packs. 
  • Who knows there could be vending machine for Plastic Pizza. 

Another thing..
What if there is an alternate for petroleum Plastic ?
A teenager called Elif Bilgin from Istanbul, Turkey. discovered that we can make plastic from banana peels. Bio plastic.

This could be cheap, eco friendly.
Maybe this could be eatable.
So, plastic pizza? Nah.. I like Indian cuisine made of anything.