5 Things why God could've created us

 Did you played the game Doodle God. It is interesting that we are playing the God part and I like it.
By simple drag and drop of elements you can create another item.
Earth + Fire = Lava.
Water + Lava = stone. That's how it goes on.
I am puzzled "that's how we could have been created by some God".
4 Things why God could've created us - fibonacci spiral the design of god Image Description:
Fibonacci spiral is the universal design /pattern of nature. Galaxy, Finger print, DNA, flowers, leaf. All of nature creations are in the same design. The Fibonacci ratio or the Golden ratio. The design of nature or the God.

Below you can find more questionable things why God could've created us.

  • DNA. One of the complex and perfectly functioning spiral. DNA is full of information as they say. So how can a fully genius informative spiral come out of nowhere or matter or mud .
  • A recent discovery of Spanish scientists tells a new story about our origin. They found 400000 years old human skeleton (thigh bone). This means we probably not from monkey. Humans could've lived in Jurassic era and could've confronted dinosaurs. I believe that humans are at least a million years old species.
  • There comes the Evolution. How many times you heard of evolution?. Is evolution true?.
  • Then there is Quantum Physics to add more questions.
  • A picture of human brain cells and a picture of our universe (a part) looks similar. Not just an image, scientists theoretically saying this for decades. Physicists also confirming that the way brain cells works and universe evolving is similar.
Universe is looks like a giant Brian.
Is it a brain of a God like creature?.