Android Anonymity - privacy in Android devices

When you say Android,
then what Anonymity is there. I remember the funny oxymoron one liners like Pretty Ugly, Little Big and add one more to it..

                        Android Anonymity.
                                                   - Arun Alwar
The new oxymoron one liner.
(oxymoron means, two opposite meaning words used together for an effect.)

Android Anonymity - privacy in Android devices

If you switched on your Android device, you are not Anonymous.

  • You are automatically logged in to Google account and everything you do with your device is being monitored. 
  • Not just Android OS, the apps asking for personal information is the weirdest part in most cases. 
  • Why should an Astrology app asking for your phone book, call history details? 

Almost all the apps asking you personal information (even phone book details).

  • Truecaller app is the best example for how we lost our privacy. This app shows the exact caller name of almost every callers. 
  • In a way, I like Truecaller app for knowing the unknown callers.
  • But how could this be possible?. The app collecting every contact list from all it's users, Facebook accounts, public database and accessing everything around the Web.
  • Snapchat the newly popular social app that have millions of users. Recently, a hacker group released 4.6 million user information of Snapchat publicly (Snapchatdb). It ready to sell the user data for a good price. Now the hacker domain was suspended. 

There are apps like duck duck go for Anonymous browsing and I simply don't believe in that because your operating system already monitoring you.

Face unlocking, Finger print data (it's available in few devices) and what more privacy.?

So, in Android, privacy means.. What privacy.?

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