Nobody is Anonymous - the lost Web Privacy

Anonymous status  Review:

Anonymous the word ensures the freedom of speech (at some extent),
Anonymity ensures the privacy of individuals.

Anonymity also creates the nuisance at large number.

Nobody is Anonymous - the lost Web Privacy

  • When web introduced, Everyone access the Internet Anonymously. Except for email.
  •  There is yahoo only then and the Web space was accessible with Anonymous mode. 

  • Then comes the search monster, Google. 
  • Google's search engine success lead to Gmail and the whole Internet became Google dependant.
  • So, we always logged in to Google account with browser. It's hard to get rid of it or we are OK with it. 
  • That's how we lost Anonymity in web space. 

 Maybe this coming year or the next, there is no Anonymous status available to anyone in the Web Space.

Many websites not allowing the users to browse anonymously either you need a sign up or the Google /Facebook account to use the services.

  • Today we can use Anonymous mode only in website /blog commenting (if the Website allows..). 
  • But 99% anonymous comments are spam. Link building comments or inappropriate words(bad words. ). 
  • So, moderation is unavoidable. 
  • Talking of moderation, myself allowing users to comment Anonymously. But no single Anonymous comment is publishable. Every day I'm removing 50 - 100 spam comments.( I hate moderation.) 
  • All the big websites like New York post, Huffington post have 50+ Moderators for comment moderation alone. 
  • They are gonna remove the anonymous mode soon and shockingly no user comments allowed in the future. 
  • YouTube comments are the best of worst. That's why many videos not allowing user comments. 

User comments are the last thing where Anonymity exists. But it's no more.

So, for all the good and bad reasons Anonymous mode is now a History.

Nobody is Anonymous.

How about Android.