Facebook can see you - another privacy concern

Facebook using your smartphone camera and microphone with your virtual permission to monitor you.
Literally, Facebook can see you.
Facebook can see you - another privacy concern

Let's face it, whatever we do in smart phone is accessible.
   Your contacts, gallery, phone calls, mail accounts, app data and everything in our device accessible to Facebook.
It's just next level.

  • Facebook can use your smartphone camera to record video or take photos of you and your surroundings without your permission at any time. 
  • Similarly, Facebook can use microphone to record audio. 

What kind of TV programs you are watching?
What are your surroundings?
What is your lifestyle?
What are you talking?
Everything can be monitored.

In my personal experience..

  • Few months back, I saw a new actress in a movie poster and I'm just curious about her. That's it.
  • I didn't Googled it or anything. The very next day I got her Facebook page on my suggested pages. I felt it like mind reading.
  • Facebook suggests pages or sponsored pages, related to your lifestyle and activity. 

Why Facebook watching you?
Just trying to improve your living experience in planet Earth.
No, of course not.
It's always about Making money.
we are the product.

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