I can monitor you with 25 dollars

If I can create an app with camera,microphone permission, I can monitor you.

  • I roam around the play store and find many apps in all categories that asking for many permissions which are irrelevant to the app. 
  • Read the permission access of any app before installing it.

If you OK with that go on or make sure you need that app.
I can monitor you with 25 dollars - app asking irrelevant permissions

  • Many apps getting access to all the available data which is irrelevant to the app.
  • Why the gaming apps asking camera, microphone permission?.
  • Not just camera, but gallery, phone calls, contacts, other app data and all. 
  • Forget Facebook and Google, I mean they can access everything and virtually we can't do anything about that.
  • Until we stop using Facebook and Google, which is not possible for another decade.
  • But we have a choice with the other applications that is..

Don't install those apps.

By the way, 25 dollars for the publisher registration fee in Google play store.

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