Our Eyes may need these sensors

Our eyes may need these sensors.
Our future wearable devices /smart phones may have these vision modes.

Possibly Google glass may have one of these in the near future.
Our eyes may need these sensors - slow motion, Thermal vision, night vision, X-ray vision

SLOW-MO vision
Without a slow motion replay, cricket match or a football game not enjoyable.
Our eyes can't register swift movements. To be precise, a movement or an action occur less than 20 milli seconds are hardly noticed by our eyes.
Time warp TV show and SLOW-MO guys of YouTube are exploiting this very thing in a maximum ways.
 There are powerful cameras and smart phones that can take ultra slow motion videos today.

Night vision:
We've seen in ghost Hunters TV show or Hollywood movies like paranormal activity.

Thermal vision :
It's shows the desired visuals as Heat signatures.
We've seen this in many Hollywood movies like hollow man. Thermal vision gadgets used in military to monitor cross border activities.

X-ray vision 
 Superman can see through the solid objects in comics. Now we have that power too.
Airports have X-ray scanner devices. There are cameras in the market claiming that they have X-ray vision.
 In practical application,
Doctors can use X-ray vision gadgets instead the X-ray machines for better diagnosis.
There is a rumor, in 1998, Sony accidentally sold 700,000 camcorders that capable of see through people's clothes.