Cats wins the Dogs

Like I said in the previous post, Being a pet is the best way of surviving.
Cats are little less understood animals than dogs in general. But cats are coolest pets.

Dogs and cats have their own way of that Survival instinct.

Dogs are more active
Fetching a ball or Frisbee catching or walking, dogs are the best.
Watch dogs
Dogs keep strangers away. Not Chihuahuas.

Cats are less active
  • This is a good quality when you got visitors because Dogs don't treat your guests well. But cats do. Cats, shy away from your guests and behave cute and cuddly.
Cats wins the dogs, cat vector, white cat, white furry dog

Cats are child-like
  • Cats are pets mostly because they are baby like cute.
    Few Chihuahua like dogs are pets because of the same baby like cuteness.
    Being the pet is a greatest Survival instinct.

Cats are less stinks
  • They clean themselves with water
    Cats bury their waste in Garden or litter box and it's easy to train a cat. Dogs also can be trained, but cats naturally bury their urine and feces.
  • In wild cat culture, bodily waste determine the borders of big cats like Lions. If other cats urinate in the premises (they know the smell), it's a threat to the livelihood. So, small cats bury their waste and survive in peace.

Cats save our food
  • In India, rodents are bigger threat to our food grains. Cats are the ultimate rodent Hunters. Without cats we have way too small amount of food.

Cats are Silent
  • They say, Barking dogs seldom bite. But barking makes your neighborhood as noise of hell.

    Cats are simply and definitely much less noisy.

Cats are natural debuggers
  • They hunt every spider in the wall, every cricket in the garden and every fly in the house. They simply hunt insects of all sorts.