Survival of the smartest - Being pet animals

Being the pet is a greatest Survival instinct.

How many wild animals left in the world?

  • There are less than 28899 rhinos (including black rhinos, Asian rhinos and all subspecies).
  • There are just 3000+ Tigers in the world. 
  • Lions, less than 32000.
Now, how many pet animals are there?
  • How many dogs in the world?

    At least 525 million approx imately, now it could be more than 530 million dogs living in the world.
  • How many cats?
    There are Whooping 600 million and more cats living in this planet.
Survival of the smartest - Being pet, pet background, cat, dog,Parrot, elephant, dalmatian,

How can these cats and dogs outnumbered the wild predators in the world ?
One word. Pet.

How pet works

  • Human beings are the Supreme earth species now(as we think). We occupied almost every possible horizon in this planet. 
  • All the harmful animals are mostly extinct. 
  • If other animals need to live here, they need to be human friendly. 

In other words, Pets.

Being pet is the best way to survive in this planet.

Dolphins, Elephants, Parrots, dogs, cats and on. All are somehow obey humans and some are "Pedomorphic", means Child-like.

Everyone loves a baby like thing. We even like the lion Cubs and Tigers cubs because of the baby like cuteness. That's human nature.

Poultry animals are also harmless, but they get eaten because they are not child-like, dumb and taste good.

Advantages of being a pet animal

  • People don't eat their pets. 
  • Easy food and on time. 
  • And Survival of the own species. 

People don't eat cats and dogs in most part of the world because they are emotionally attached with them.

We humans maybe the survival of the fittest. But pets are survival of the smartest.