Petrol Price - India - World

Petrol price - India - world, Petrol price in India 

India - Rs. 63*.(subject to change, subject to differ..).
India buying petrol for 24 Rupees, Retail selling price in India is  63 Rupees(49% taxes..) and above. India can sell petrol for much lesser price.
**Update: now (May/2012) 78Rupees to 81 Rupees.  Recently the union Govt. withdraw excise duty on Gold because of trader's demand. If the excise duty is active it could be a big income(50,000 Crores!) for the Govt. Its damn enough to decrease the petrol price and reduce the common man's burden. 

Pakistan-Rs. 35.
Our friendly(?) neighbor Pakistan, selling petrol for 35 Rupees.  Unlike India and other countries, Pakistan reduced  its petrol price up to 9 Rupees. we have to learn this from Pakistan.

Turkey -  Rs. 113.(Highest price in the world).
Turkey selling petrol with 72% taxes. World's highest selling price for petrol.

Venezuela - Rs. 2.(lowest price in the world).
In Venezuela, there is no price hike for petrol since 1998. The lowest price in the world. Probably the roads of Venezuela get stuck in traffic jam. (when will we get petrol for 2 Rupees..? )

Norway - Rs. 111.
Norway selling this price because of green causes, In 2008, Norway introduced a new tax called Carbon tax. This is To reduce the petrol usage and reduce carbon footprint (They are humans..).

Zimbabwe - Rs. 50.
In Zimbabwe, the reason is pretty simple "Poverty" (India..?).

Colombia - Rs. 50. 
 Unlike its neighbor Venezuela, Petrol price in Colombia 50 Rupees. That means 48 Rupees higher than Venezuela, So Colombians smuggles large amount of petrol from Venezuela.

Russia - Rs. 42.
Russian economy at its bad, that's also a reason for the low price.Russia can sell petrol for much lesser price(17% tax..).

Greenland - Rs. 37.
Because of the tie up with the oil corporations, Greenland manages this price.
 Note: Mainland Denmark selling petrol for 110.

Mexico - Rs. 31.
Mexico one of the few countries trying to control the petrol price, Mexico spending $20 million on subsidies( 93250 Crore  Indian rupees).

China - Rs. 31.
Like Mexico, China is also spending a lot in subsidy on fuel prices and there is no price hikes in last 6 years.

Nigeria - Rs. 27.
Even though, Nigeria is the largest crude producer in Africa. There are no refineries in Nigeria, So they exporting crude and importing petrol.

Angola - Rs. 24.

Brunei - Rs. 17.
The low price attracting the Malaysian neighbors,  Brunei have strict laws like imprisonment to stop petrol  mafia(civilians mostly..). But still its not enough to stop Malaysians.

Iran - Rs. 5.


  1. We produce crude oil in Nigeria but refine it outside the shores of the country. The exported crude comes back to us in different forms including PMS (petrol). As of 1st January, 2012, a litre of petrol sold for 65 naira. But today a litre sells for 140 naira. This is crazy. They should fix our refineries and stop importing petroleum products. Will employers give their staff a salary raise or what?

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