Cigarette 75 - Petrol 25

  Every month there is a price hike for petrol .. every time people express  anger, politicians condemn, Communist parties call for a day off  in Kerala and Bengal,rally.. But government simply says that its up to oil companies.. Oil companies are in loss .. so price hike is unavoidable, Crude oil rates increasing in world market,... blah.. blah ..
 That's it.. then .. people lived happily ever after .. the END .

    When a cigarette got price hike last time?  when liquor gets?
....Every other day? Every month?.. no..
  • Petrol is not a commodity for poor middle class we give the pricing authorities to oil companies..That's what finance minister said.. is that true?.
  • All the two wheeler owners are Richie rich? .. or two wheelers can run in diesel?.
  • Petrol price directly affects the poor Indian, that's the true. 
  • Our ministers taking too much care about oil corporation companies but not for people.
  • why don't the government less the whole taxes for essential commodities like petrol. Instead can increase the taxes for tobacco products and liquor products.
  • No one will protest for cigarette/liquor price hike. I mean it.
  • If a cigarette price is 75.. number of smokers will decrease and the number of cigarettes too. Its similar to liquor and alcohol products.
Why can't they do this? because the tobacco/liquor companies will affects?.people's representatives only  care about corporate companies and not about people?..
 whether you feel it is nuts or joke..
Petrol for Rs 25  ...     nice.