Facebook will start Ad service like ad-sense?

As i told you in the last post, Facebook surely will start the ad service like Google ad-sense.
  • Facebook is the only strong and strong competitor for Google.
  • Recently Facebook started its mail service too.
  • Facebook linked with almost all the web pages in the internet.
  • Many(big names too) started using the Facebook Comments plugin on in their website/blog instead of their comments box. Recent readings Facebook plugin Like
  • In fact, Every website/blog page was occupied (at least 400*400 )a certain space.So, everyone using Facebook directly or indirectly.
  • Unlike other ad services Facebook don't have to invent a new script or technology .Facebook already running ads in Facebook pages.
  • Facebook going so smooth with its plugins, Facebook can (will) introduce a new plugin for its ad service.
  •  Facebook ad service would be more specific than Google Ad-sense.. Because Facebook connected with individuals, Where as Google connected with IP addresses. Facebook advertisers are not going to be only brands.. Individuals promote anything with Facebook ads.
  • Facebook advertisers don't look for domain ownership and all. Because the history of humanity is in the Facebook data base now.
  • If it does... The impact definitely affect Google ad-sense.  Google ad-sense will reconsider its terms.
  • So this is the future.. and its so near. If Google is so rude with bloggers and new web masters, Then it will regret.
  • Don't worry bloggers/new web masters.. Facebook ads will come soon..