How to get Disable Ad-sense account

 Every website owner, blogger and even web masters (like Alexa) need Google ad-sense to make some bucks in internet. But to sustain with ad-sense is become too hard. In fact, i don't spend time in my website because of the fear of ad-sense disable.
 Now, new ad-sense publishers should know few things.. Before publishing your ad units. 
How to get Disable your Ad-sense account
  • Be a member in traffic exchange sites(auto/manual traffic.. whatever) and boost traffic to your site with them.
  • Tell your friends to click your blog/website ad units pretty often. You can also click the ad units by yourself(that's damn easy way to get disable your ad-sense account).
  • In many cases, you don't have to click.. just view your website/blog ( with Google ad-sense) pages 24/7.
  • Once your account was disabled in above ways, there is no way of getting back again. But very few genuine,rare, innocent people like me can get another ad-sense account.
So try your luck..
But on serious note..Today getting an approved ad-sense account is a tough thing, so I quote " website/blog owners " don't try this ".