Why Ad-sense - Alternates

Ad-sense Alternatives
 The latest Ad-sense announcement  waves(more than Google waves..) the internet little bit. Because  the forum based ad-sense publishers are not eligible for ad-sense any more and new publishers must have their own domain(www.example.com/). You can't get an ad-sense account with forum pages any more, The websites like indyarocks.com and many forums will suffer with this to attract many new members that's for sure.
 Why Google ad-sense  dominating the whole advertising industry in internet?
What are the alternatives? 
What is the future could be?
  • Yahoo can be a tough competitor for ad-sense, but  Yahoo-Publisher network  is not even launched in many countries.
  • I have to tell you about Ad-brite , I have(d) an account in ad-brite for three years. But i only made $ 10. where as in ad-sense, $ 10 is matter of hours.Chitika,bitvertiser are the same in this.
  • There are many ad services available in web space, But many of them looks like spam. Instead of having spam ad links,let your website a no ad zone.
  • There is no stronger alternative for Google ad-sense today. I believe Facebook will surely do something against ad-sense in future, But for now we have only one option Ad-sense.